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Here is some material that failed to make the final cut.

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The following section was cut down to half a dozen words while I was trying to get the article below 5,000 words, because it related more to neighbouring worlds than to Musayid itself:


Extrastellar charities became interested in the plight of the Musayidin during the wars and worked hard to provide them with the basic necessities of life as well as medical assistance. The conflict made distribution difficult, but once Prince Shahriar's government came to power the task became easier. Organizations looking for ways to encourage donations found that the image of a war-torn world struggling to rebuild was perfect for their needs, and many soon had to expand in order to cope with the flood of money. Once the government distribution channels improved (and were declared "fair" by charity workers) the operation became very efficient, and beneficial for both Musayid and the charities. Most of the donations came from Magashans but some were from high population worlds more than ten parsecs away.

Over recent decades people have grown jaded and are no longer prepared to give as much, seeing the current regime as too oppressive and the world as out of difficulty. Both the Prince and the charities are trying to reverse this trend but with little success. One organization which is finding the contraction in revenue particularly hard is the Magash-based Diisarirga Interstellar Relief Fund, which doubled in size at the height of the campaign but has since found downsizing to be very painful.


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