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All the characters I've written up in detail have been published on JTAS. Subscribers can access them here. If you're not a subscriber, why not join? I find it well worth my $20 per two years. If you do sign up, please give my username ("Elv") since referring new subscribers extends my subscription...

Akhal and Dhu
No cat and dog jokes, please.
Regina Startown Denizens (with Hans Rancke-Madsen)
Encounters in Regina Startown
Dame Alison Berghaus
A famous travel writer.
Zee, Stowaway
A minor complication for starship crews.
Enli Rivera
Something a little different.
Nashu Direma
A merchant ship owner with a dark past.
Port Director Keshav Ama and Deputy Alex Niemiec
Two characters to go with Port in a Storm (published in the same issue).
The Marquis of Caladib (and Party)
Personalities of the L'sis Main, part 1.

In addtion, the following article might be of use when designing characters for GT:

Designing Alien Martial Arts
That's martial arts used by aliens . . .


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