3. Worlds & Adventures


My partially-completed TML landgrab entry.
The GDW adventure Signal GK was the first Traveller adventure I ran. For Referees only, here is one of the principal worlds...
...and here's the other.

The following worlds were published on JTAS (see under Adventures below for subscription information):

The L'sis Main
Some background material on several worlds in Deneb sector. The article Green for Danger describes perilous plantlife on seven of the worlds.
An agricultural world on the L'sis Main.
A low-tech world close to the L'sis Main, ruled by a benevolent dictator. some of the information I created (including a map) wasn't published; the extras can be found here.
Adventures On Fennec
Written by Mark Gellis, but expanding on my description from the L'sis Main


Anthony Jackson's superb map of Charted Space prompted me to start work filling some of the gaps:

A concordance of all the available information (canon and fan-produced) that I can find. Since Deneb is my main "stomping ground" this is likely to be updated with more JTAS links as articles are published (other work permitting).
The Vargr Extents
A huge mapping project. Dot maps exist for the 10×4 area of space coreward of the Imperium, matching DGP maps, but only a few sectors have more detail yet. Volunteers welcome.

Campaign Design

Most of my campaign design articles are published on JTAS:

Without Rule
Anarchies and informal governments in Traveller
The Few Who are First
Oligarchies for Traveller
Things To Do in Jump
Cleaning, carousing, and chasing monsters are just a few of the ways to pass time in jump.
After Man: A Zoology of the Future
A review of a book on speculative critter design.


I wrote these before JTAS went online.

Psionics & Society
A commentary on part of the T4 Psionic Institutes book. Please note that the opinions of Dr. Nisaka are not those of the author...
T4 Psionic Institutes Checklist
Psionic Institutes was one of my favourite T4 books, and I wrote this checklist to make things easier.


Again, these require a JTAS subscription. If you join, please give my username ("Elv") since referring new subscribers extends my subscription:

The Last Hand-to-Mouth Adventure
A group living from job to job suddenly gets a chance at fame.
Port in a Storm
A little courier mission leads to bigger things . . . Don't they always?
The Sea Road (with Les DeGroff)
A Caladib Adventure


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