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Into the Future!
An addendum to Chapter 3 of GURPS Time Travel, examining the gaming possibilities of travelling to the future.
Structural and Non-Structural (Dis)Advantages
A classification of traits based on how they are gained and lost.
Pricing Social Traits
How to handle (dis)advantages that are worth different amounts in different situations.
Time and Money
Alternate wealth rules.


GURPS Sector General
An ongoing project to write up James White's Sector General universe for GURPS.
GURPS Well World
New! A (less-ambitious) project to allow use of Jack L. Chalker's Well World races in GURPS 4e.
Terradyne Phoenix
Using the Phoenix Project from GURPS Psionics to spice up the GURPS Terradyne setting.


Can you give me a Hand?
Remember Thing from the Addams Family? One character from my IOU game is Thing's niece, a computer wiz. Here's the racial template, based on the old series and the first movie.
Sector General races
Many more races for your delectation and delight.

GURPS Traveller

I have some material for GT buried in my Traveller pages.


My GURPS collection! All the books I own (and the ones I'm looking to buy).

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