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The quarter-ton, elephantine Tralthans with their six short, rubbery legs and four tentacular arms, are among the most self-assured members of the Galactic Federation. They do everything standing up, including sleep, which they do in pits that are padded to reduce the noise of their night-time stamping, and if they fall onto their sides they are incapable of regaining their feet without assistance. Being on their backs is even worse, as it compresses their organs and can be fatal if they are not rescued in time. They cannot climb ladders and find stairs difficult; they are also too dense to swim, although they are happy to play in water that is shallow enough that they can still breathe. Their underbellies are thin-skinned compared to the leathery tegument of their back and flanks.

Tralthan heads are domelike, with four flexible eyes, four gill-like breathing orifices in the cranium, and separate mouths for speaking and eating. Their voices are like foghorns and they stamp their spongy feet when agitated, but try to minimise noise and vibration in the presence of other species out of politeness.

They are vegetarian, and with a lifespan of 150 years they love life and revere the dead. Their calm is aided by the fact that they are only sexually active for a short period each year.

The gravity of Traltha is almost 2G and Tralthan engineering is reputed to be the best in the Federation, producing the most robust (and sought-after) ships. A tiny Tralthan symbiote, classified OTSB, often accompanies Tralthans; when held in the secondary tentacles its cluster of wire-thin, eye- and sucker-tipped tentacles can be used as a fine extension of the host's abilities.

Tralthan Racial Template (228 points)


ST 21/28, HT 10/15 [167½ points]. Tralthans weigh a quarter ton in 1G.



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