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House rules, an expansion of GURPS Time Travel, and the centrepiece of the site: GURPS Sector General!
Worlds, entire sectors, a developing map of the Vargr Extents and Enclaves, forms, utilities, and more...
Interactive Fiction
Docs for Platypus, source code, and (the first part of) part three of the Alice tutorial.
Magic & the Occult
A pseudo-scientific explanation of magic, and an alternate astrological system for fantasy games.

Writing [to be done]

Mostly stuff I wrote and performed as a student.
Published Work


We have a small family photo album, mostly pictures we've wanted to share with others; you can find many more in our friend Richard's photo album.

Alison's Work

Alison and Isaac attended (and reported upon) the first workshop of the European Network for Reflect Action in 2002.

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