The Vargr Extents

Mapping charted space is a mammoth task — some also consider it pointless, but like many Travellers (particularly the denizens of the Galactic mailing list) I find it immensely satisfying. One of my aims has been to preserve the allegiances and star positions given in the dot maps of the "Forbidden Canon" books Vilani & Vargr and Solomani & Aslan, which means generating data for missing sectors throughout the Vargr Extents and Aslan Hierate. Each sector has its own page; as I add sectors they will be posted here and a graphical link added to the maps below.

I have generated random UWPs using a modified version of Jo Grant's SysGen code (including alien languages and conversion of star types according to the "Collapsing Worlds" article in Challenge 77). Data is provided in two forms, "Standard" Sector Format (.SEC) and Galactic Sector Archive (.SAR), zipped. The former can easily be added to Anthony Jackson's superb Map of Traveller Charted Space (which I can no longer find online), the latter shows the routes between Zhodani bases (which I have tried to place sensibly).

The Vargr Extents Map

Datsatl Gakghang/Ianshaplzdier Thaku Fung/Zhiaqrqiats/Sigma Zephyrus Rzakki Listanaya Veg Vergakh Dfotseth/Ugulorkurr Irugangong/Ksongrru Finggvakhou Zortakh
Ugoede/Chit Boshti Ghoekhnael/Anzsidiadl Ksinanirz/Zheranzanj Zao Kfeng Ig Grilokh Knaeleng Kharrthon Oeghz Vaerrghr Kfazz Ghik Angfutsag/Gzerzarssou/Puragaaku Rfigh
Aerenfors/Ityikiastaf Knoellighz/Tlabrieish Dhuerorrg/Tazhdapl Ngathksirz Fa Dzaets Gzaekfueg LLoellerz/Gashikan Trenchans/Rukhs Dall Ogzuekhfos/Ktiin'gzat Ogadogorz/Mugheen't
Usingou/Ziafrplians Gvurrdon Tuglikki Provence Windhorn Meshan Mendan Outhofos/Amdukan Arzul/Ingukrax Gelath/Gn'hk'r
Foreven Spinward Marches Deneb Corridor Vland Lishun Antares Empty Quarter Star's End Gh!hken

Allocated Sectors

The following Vargr sectors have been assigned to people who want to work on them:

In addition, the following sectors along the coreward Imperial border have been assigned:

I have plenty of projects simmering, so if anyone else wants to take on a sector, feel free. Please email me to let me know, so we can avoid duplicated effort.


Thanks to Traveller astrographers everywhere, official or otherwise; special thanks to James Kundert, P-O Bergstedt and Anthony Jackson for taking the time to report errors in these pages (now corrected), and to the volunteers who are developing various sectors.

This mapping project is respectfully dedicated to the memory to Bari Z. Stafford Sr., better known to Travellers as master astrographer General Turokan.


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