Usingou/Ziafrplians Sector

Usingou (Vargr) or Ziafrplians (Zhodani) is the sector Core- Spinward of the Spinward Marches. Randomly generated (but interesting) are the two depots. Depriale (2028) is right on the border with the Vargr, Zhdidnianj (0918) is only a subsector away. Combining this observation with the obvious "bite" taken out of the Consulate by the doggies in this sector leads me to think there might be some interesting political/military stuff going on.


If you would like to add more detail to this sector, please email me so that we can avoid duplicated effort.


Other data is available at GypsyComet's Zhodani Files Site. Note that a couple of world positions on the dot map don't agree with mine; I have followed V&V where I can see a difference.



A: Eshiensdiazh
B: Apbisharzie
C: Atla
D: Asepsedvl
E: Zhdensh
F: Keditlye
G: Etszdili
H: Tekli
I: Anshnieprlenzh
J: Dlazdiaz Shtiaklbo
K: Tliaqlvie
L: Ianshepl
M: Anshernieprlenzh
N: Dintzhdevrieziz
O: Iavdeiev
P: Zdiadlevepra


Vp: Vargr (Thirz Empire)08 Dark Grey
Va: Vargr (independant)04 Dark Red
Zh: Zhodani Consulate11 Light Cyan


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