The Empty Quarter

Coreward of the Gateway Domain and divided by the Lesser Rift, the Empty Quarter sector is home to both the widespread minor race known as the Bwaps and the rimward-trailing quarter of the Julian Protectorate.


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A: Tsahrroek
B: Kourae
C: Flange
D: Tsosoe
E: Kakhasaek
F: Tokitre
G: Cotan
H: Nisaga
I: Lentuli
J: Yogesh
K: Hebrin
L: Turley
M: Nulinad
N: Gimushi
O: Udusis
P: Yashodhan


The following covers the Allegiances found in the Classic Traveller Era and Gateway Era data.

Code: Allegiance:Colour:
Im: Imperium 12 Light Red
Cs: Imperial Client State 04 Red
Hl: Hegemony of Lorean 10 Light Green
Jr: Julian Protectorate 09 Light Blue
Na: Non-Aligned 07 White


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