Deneb Sector

Sitting between Corridor and the Spinward Marches, Deneb (Zhodani: Nieklsdia) is regarded by the core Imperium as a coarse, uncultured sector, while the nobility of the Marches see it as decadent and past its prime. Neither of these views is fair or accurate, but both contain a grain of truth.

Few humans had tried to settle here prior to the advent of the Third Imperium, but as Cleon's empire expanded the sector quickly became regarded as the brave new frontier. The Vargr occupying the Coreward subsectors were pushed aside, and settlers began to face the many problems of life on new worlds. Support from the Imperial heartland was minimal, but that did little to stem the tide of humaniti - entrepreneurs and opportunists, adventurers and explorers, the poor and the oppressed.

The people still show some of the characteristics developed during the frontier period. They tend towards rugged individualism, resourcefulness, and inventiveness, with an urge to explore (both physically and scientifically). There is a strong belief in equality.

Almost since settlement began, Deneb has been seen as a dumping ground for unwanted nobility, frequently Solomani. For instance, after narrowly avoiding a charge of High Treason, the Humbolt family governed Vincennes subsector from its incorporation in 243 until the waning of Solomani influence which followed the Civil War. Empress Arbellatra's policies caused their own difficulties, however, when the troublesome Solomani noble family Carles-Davies was placed over the predominantly Vilani population of Pretoria subsector, leading eventually to the Rachelean revolts of the early 1000s.

With six Imperial Research Stations, the Naval facilities at HRD, the Jumpspace Institute, and the Sklar Astrophysical Society, Deneb prides itself on its scientific achievements.


A: Pretoria
B: Lamas
C: Antra
D: Million
E: Sabine
F: Inar
G: Dunmag
H: Atsah
I: Star Lane
J: Vincennes
K: Usani
L: Geniishir
M: Gulf
N: Zeng
O: Kamiar
P: Vast Heavens

Allegiances (Rebellion Era)

Dd: Imperium (Domain of Deneb) 12 Light Red
V6: Vargr (Assemblage of 1116) 05 Magenta
Va: Vargr (independent) 09 Light Blue
Vf: Vargr (Dzarrgh Federate) 10 Light Green
Vu: Vargr (United Followers of Augurgh)11 Light Cyan
Na: Non-aligned 07 White
Cs: Imperial Client State 04 Red

Sector Data

Sector files are available from Galactic. Alternatively, view the data interactively at the Space Atlas.


Peter Gray has provided New Era articles on many worlds; only official TML Landgrabs are listed here. In addition, I have been detailing the rimward half of Pretoria subsector for JTAS; subscribers can view the L'sis Main campaign setting.

Detailed Descriptions:

0203 Enaaka: MTJ 1.31-41; RS 52
0207 Rubrak: JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
0214 Musayid: JTAS campaign setting by yours truly
0235 Saguenay: Saguenay (JTAS short adventure by Mark Gellis)
0310 Horizon: In progress for submission to JTAS
0311 Fennec: Adventures on Fennec (JTAS campaign setting by Mark Gellis)
0316 Magash: JTAS campaign setting and TML landgrab by Terry Carlino
0334 Furens: Furens (JTAS campaign setting by Mark Gellis)
0336 Upuraku: Upuraku (JTAS campaign setting by Mark Gellis)
0534 Maricutin: Maricutin (JTAS campaign setting by Mark Gellis)
0727 Shen-Yang: TML landgrab by Peter Gray
0902 Ghatsokie: MTJ 3.34-39; RS 53
1122 Vincennes: TML landgrab by Stephen Tempest; MTJ 3.4-17; RS 61
1324 Jonkeer: TD 19.26; MTJ 3.90-95; RS 60
1613 Depot: JTAS campaign setting, Part I and Part II by Terry Carlino; RS 56
1814 Karst: TML landgrab by Peter Gray
1925 Deneb: TML landgrab by Peter Gray; MTJ 3.97, 4.103; RS 62; Mora -- Year 100 (JTAS campaign setting by Hans Rancke-Madsen)
2234 Catacomb: Sulliji (JTAS contact article by Paul Drye); RS 63

Short Descriptions, Library Data & News:

0108 New Ramma: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0130 Chaosheo: TD 19.26; RS 60
0208 Teh: MTJ 4.104; JTAS L'sis Main entry
0209 Kretikaa: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0211 Suvfoto: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0237 Taman: RS 65
0306 Saki: RS 52
0310 Horizon: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0311 Fennec: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0332 Aosta: TD 19.25; RS 64
0406 Pretoria: RS 52
0409 L'sis: RS 52; JTAS L'sis Main entry
0436 Endup: TD 19.26; RS 64
0508 Caladib: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0509 Redi: RS 52; JTAS L'sis Main entry
0510 Gra-Bie: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0524 Isurkun: MTJ 2.3
0609 Urnas: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0615 Anomaly Five: TD 19.25; RS 56
0629 Askigaak: RS 60
0638 Brufort: RS 65
0709 Hylaxis: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0710 Naali: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0731 Qevar: TD 19.27
0805 Jode: MTJ 2.3
0809 Therm: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0906 Waalikii: RS 53
0910 Gyrfal: JTAS L'sis Main entry
0917 Kubishush: TD 19.27; RS 57
1216 Morninglori: TD 19.15; RS 57
1220 Minde's Star: TD 19.27; RS 57
1221 Perez: MTJ 3.5; RS 61
1306 Lome: MTJ 3.97
1313 Rayel: TD 19.27; RS 57
1336 Dawn: TD 19.26; RS 65
1406 Borlund: TD 19.26
1417 Starn: MTJ 4.104
1432 Pashus: RS 65
1520 Kauai: RS 56
1606 Yef: RS 53
1608 Gaashushnu Lii Mur: TD 19.26; RS 53
1609 Ansirk: TD 19.25; RS 53
1623 HRD: TD 19.26; MTJ 4.103; RS 60
1722 Redemption: TD 19.27; RS 62
1918 Shinorasus: TD 19.27; RS 58
1923 Liran: TD 19.27; RS 62
1925 Deneb: MTJ 3.97, 4.103; RS 62; Mora -- Year 100 (JTAS campaign setting by Hans Rancke-Madsen)
1928 Exile: RS 62
2019 Namidshur: RS 58
2111 Diiski: RS 58
2114 Kadidun: RS 58
2210 Mazirbe: Memoriam (JTAS amber zone by Michael Brown)
2224 Revoc: RS 62
2225 Usani: RS 62
2309 Malory: RS 54
2316 Giikusu: RS 58
2322 Sage: RS 63
2520 Kiirindor: TD 19.27; RS 59
2521 Geniishir: TD 19.26; RS 63
2713 Wal-ta-ka: WBH 12
2717 Segan: RS 59
2802 495-524: RS 55
2807 Gabriel: MTJ 2.5-10
2812 Og Bere': RS 59
2913 Atsah: MTJ 3.66-67


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