Rich Weissler's Aratura Deckplans

Rich Weissler, author of the JTAS article Aratura-class Escort Frigate, kindly provided these deckplans to accompany the article. Click on each deck to go to the individual images, or download the whole set.

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H_Aratura_deck1.JPG (1315x1740; 208980 bytes) H_Aratura_deck2.JPG (2060x2041; 337577 bytes) H_Aratura_deck3.JPG (2440x2431; 504724 bytes)

H_Aratura_deck4.JPG (2840x2685; 941388 bytes) H_Aratura_deck5.JPG (3150x3160; 1282748 bytes)

H_Aratura_deck6.JPG (2299x2000; 518167 bytes)


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