GTL10 400-ton Gerlekebalu-class Small Lighter

Prilissa Highport has been building 400dT lighters (affectionately known as "microlighters") for the Hammermium Corporation since 493. The design has changed little over the years; HC wanted a vessel for the regular run of agricultural produce from Prilissa to Trin, but volumes were not enough to warrant use of the 800dT lighters commonly used by larger corporations. It was anticipated that the design would eventually be replaced by larger ships but the expected expansion of Prilissa's population and agricultural production never happened.

The microlighter is now in use on many of HC's other routes, but demand for new ships is currently low. The Prilissans have been struggling to keep their shipyard busy with orders from other, less regular customers; the response has been mixed.

Crew : Captain/Pilot, Navigator/Pilot, Sensors/Comm Operator/Cargomaster, Engineer, Mechanic.

Hull : 400-ton VGSL, Medium Frame, Cheap Materials , Durasteel (Standard) Armored Hull (DR 100), Standard Compartmentalization.

Control Areas : Basic Bridge.

Engineering : Engineering, 52 Maneuver Drive, Utility, 18.9 Man-Hours/day Maintenance.

Stores : Spacedock, 262.5 Hold.

Totals : EMass 426.9 stons, LMass 1,739.4 stons, Cost MCr15.45, HP 37,500, Size Mod 9, HT 12, CP 91.

Performance : Acc 1.20 / 4.87 Gs, Airspeed 2,498 mph, Skimming Airspeed 7,066 mph, Aerostatic Lift 2,080 stons.

Sample Times (Earth Std, Full Load) : Orbit 0.19 Hrs, Escape Velocity 0.27 Hrs, 100D 5.84 Hrs, Earth-Mars 100.25 Hrs.


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