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While reading two books, Johfra Astrology and Piers Anthony's Tarot, it occurred to me that the two ideas could be combined to create a mystical system for gameworlds not firmly set in our own history. The advantage I saw to doing this is that the system would be different, yet also familiar.

I've called the system "Spiral Astrology" because of the metaphor of life as a spiral, but it's just a label.

I. The Five Elements

Fire (Doing)
Earth (Having)
Air (Thinking)
Water (Feeling)
Spirit (Being)

II. The Fifteen Steps, or Signs

0. The Unknown (the Ghost)

The 'Primitive' Steps

1. Power (the Torch)
2. Form (the Ring)
3. Intellect (the Scalpel)
4. Experience (the Cornucopia)
5. Image (the Mirror)

The 'Developing' Steps

6. Enterprise (the Lever)
7. Status (the Crown)
8. Balance (the Scales)
9. Emotion (the Flask)
A. Expression (the Masks)

The 'Developed' Steps

B. Idealism (the Rocket)
C. Volition (the Wheel)
D. Humanism (the Pen)
E. Morality (the Grail)
F. Synthesis (the Lamp)

III. The 256 Concepts: An I Ching substitute


IV. The Images: Generating a Tarot deck

The Suit of Fire
The Suit of Earth
The Suit of Air
The Suit of Water
The Suit of Spirit
The Ghost

V. Correspondences

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