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Lata (High-tech)

Although Lata is a high-tech hex, the landscape is a fairytale mix of wooded hills and forest glades, with scattered groups of shops, workshops, and places of learning. There are no natural hazards or enemies.

An artistic race, the pixie-like Lata are tiny, nocturnal, flying humanoids. They all look the same except for their bright colours, resembling girls of nine or ten, with beautiful bell-like voices. They are female (and very long-lived) until they give birth, after which they gradually become male and start aging normally (although their appearance remains the same). They can eat almost anything organic.

Their only offensive capability comes from their large, paralysing stingers, which extend from their abdomens almost to the ground. They can glow at night, although they don't need to do so to see well.

Lata Racial Template (63 points)

Attribute and Secondary Characteristic Modifiers



* Stinger:

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