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Early 1990's
During my most active roleplaying period I had a go at extracting the "universe parameters" (TL, stardrive mechanism, psionics, etc) and writing racial templates. At the time limb costs were yet to be revised, and the Cinrusskin template cost a fortune. For this and other reasons I put the project to one side and somewhere along the way lost my (paper!) notes.
In April 1999 Volker Bach of GURPSnet inspired me to take another look; I started to write up the technology again, and a few of the races. I had recently been looking at GURPS GULLIVER and decided to try out its racial generation rules. The results were interesting...
In November 2001 I decided that the GURPS section of my website needed a revamp, and looking for something that could act as a centrepiece I decided to expand this write-up. This is the first public outing of the revised version.
In May 2003 I received a large number of files from George D. Recker, Jr., which I will incorporate into the site over the next few months.

My thanks go to Nana Yaw Ofori, T. Bone and Tracy Ratcliff for feedback, suggestions and corrections thus far. My biggest thanks are, of course, reserved for the late James White, for creating one of the gentlest settings in Science Fiction history.


I like alien-rich settings, and #

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